Over the years, Earthmind has benefited from the fresh thinking and hard work of its Junior Associates. For this we are most thankful.

This page lists our Junior Associate Alumni.

associate-wberryWhitney Berry is an environmental conservationist, having earned a masters degree in International Environmental Policy with a focus on Ocean and Coastal Resource Management from the Middlebury Institute of International Studies. She received her undergraduate degree in Natural Resource Conservation and Environmental Analysis from San Diego State University. Born and raised in California, Whitney has spent the majority of her life in close proximity to the ocean, instilling in her a profound love for the environment from day one. It is this passion that has led her around the world, from the coasts of Australia to the corals of Micronesia, and now to Switzerland. Through a workplace experience with Earthmind, Whitney will be continuing her work of marine conservation by contributing to the development of the Economics of Marine Resources Library, in addition to collaborating with the IUCN Global Marine and Polar Programme on various marine projects.

associate-icohenIlana Cohen was a Master of Environmental Management student at Duke University’s Nicholas School of the Environment.  During her time with Earthmind, Ilana largely focused on advancing the Green Development Initiative and contributing to the The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (TEEB) Report for Business. Carrying her work with the GDI beyond the summer, Ilana wrote her Master’s thesis on the topic of a GDI pilot study, incorporating both policy and GIS-based quantitative analysis. She is now a Presidential Management Fellow and is working on environmental conservation for the United States government.

Brittany Gillen was a student at University of Illinois with plans to graduate in May 2011. She has lived in the Chicago area her entire life. Her interest in the innovative ways environmental concerns can blend with business led to double majors in Earth Systems, Environment and Society, and Economics. After graduation, Brittany hopes to become employed by a company that helps businesses move toward more eco-friendly operations and  raise awareness of how environmental and business goals can coincide. Her internship with Earthmind in early 2010 focused on the The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (TEEB) Report for Business and the GDM 2010 Initiative.

Harrison Gillis is currently a junior at Colgate University where he is majoring in Political Science with a minor in Geography. He is currently studying international organizations and relations in Geneva with his university, however his professional career goals focus more on business.  Harrison has a strong interest in entrepreneurship and business strategy, which led him to Earthmind in Spring 2012. With Earthmind, he worked on developing the BioTools for Business website, showing companies steps they can take to make their business in line with the principles of biodiversity. After graduation he plans to gain experience in the profit sector before pursuing an MBA. His interests include sports, the outdoors and history.

Sheldon Fernandes is now at ICF International in Toronto, Canada. He is a specialist in climate, energy and sustainability.

rkahnRachel Kahn is a Master’s of Public Administration student at University of Washington-Evans School of Public Affairs. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental studies. Hailing from Seattle, Rachel has experience in environmental education and is interested in working towards a career that assists companies in adopting ‘greener’ products and practices. At Earthmind, Rachel worked on the Green Development Initiative as well as an assessment of non-government funding from Europe to developing countries.

Deanna Karapetyan earned her MA in International and Development Economics from the University of San Francisco, and received honors for her thesis entitled “Determinants of Conservation Among the Rural Poor.” She has a strong desire to focus on sustainable development and conservation policy, though her interest in sustainable development isn’t limited to low income countries.  After moving to the Geneva area with her family, the desire to pursue a career in sustainable development led her to Earthmind where she has undertaken research on topics such as biodiversity-responsible area management. Deanna is now back in the San Francisco area.

Louise Kjær-Hansen was an Earthmind Research Associate while studying in the Department of Biology at the  University of Copenhagen. Her MSc thesis is focuses on how hunting and the collection of species impacts species morphology.

associate-llambLouise Lamb studied for undergraduate degree at Trinity College Dublin, where she read English Literature and Film. Having lived in England, America, Ireland, and Switzerland Louise is particularly interested in conservation work on an international scale. Her Earthmind work focuses on improving and expanding public awareness of the VCA Platform. In particular she is working on the promotional video explaining what the VCA Platform is all about, which allows her to practice her scriptwriting, illustration, and animation skills. Outside of her conservation interests, Louise loves to write, draw, and paint.

associate-plambPhilip Lamb recently graduated with a MSc from the University of Oxford  in Biodiversity, Conservation and Management. His academic interests are ecosystem ecology, global environmental change and conservation biology. His long-term goal is to carry out research on the functioning of ecosystems, with a strong focus on conducting research in manner to be useful for the conservation community. His work at Earthmind principally focuses on the VCA Platform. He is involved with facilitating registry of VCAs, curating the VCA toolkit and acting as a technical advisor on biodiversity and ecological topics. Outside of conservation and ecology work he is also an incredibly keen skier, mountaineer and hiker.

Adrian Macias is a Master of Public Policy student at the Sanford School of Public Policy at Duke University. Originally hailing from Southern California, Adrian has spent several years devoted to environmental activism. These activities have included co-chairing San Diego Surfrider Foundation’s Blue Water Task Force and fieldwork as a watershed captain with San Diego Coastkeeper. His current interests include sustainable development and the tension between green energy markets and social equity. Upon the conclusion of his studies, Adrian plans to build upon his time with Earthmind to pursue a career in environmental consulting. He graduated with a BA in Communication from California State San Marcos.

Alexis McGivern has been a junior professional in the IUCN Marine and Polar Programme. She is a specialist in international relations with a particular interest in marine conservation.

Daniel McGreevy was a student from Kent State University and an intern at Earthmind from January to May 2011. He was born in Cleveland, Ohio, and graduated from Kent State with a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance and Economics in May. He is interested in obtaining a position in the financial services industry as well as pursuing a Master’s Degree in either Business or International Development Economics. As an intern in the Spring, Dan contributed research assistance to both the Green Development Initiative and the Wetland Carbon Partnership.

Jessica Mkitarian was a Master’s student at the Bren School of Environmental Science and Management at the University of California, Santa Barbara. She specialized in Corporate Environmental Management and Eco-Entrepreneurship. Jessica is a California native from Santa Monica, and also has a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Boston University. She is interested in improving environmental communications to reduce human impacts of climate change and increasing sustainability and environmental performance in the private sector. At Earthmind, she worked on fundraising for the Green Development Initiative and research on the economics of disaster risk reduction. Jessica enjoys the outdoors, movies and traveling.

is now at EcoAct in Paris, France, where her work focuses on carbon strategy, footprinting & offsetting.

Tamaliyapo Mphande, a Columbus Ohio USA, native, is a 3rd year student at Miami University of Ohio studying Geography, with minors in Communications and Global Perspectives on Sustainability. After graduation, she hopes to pursue a Master’s Degree and then work for an NGO where she can apply her interests of sustainable urban development and population studies. Her internship for the Spring of 2012 focused on the Green Development Initiative, preparations for the 4th GDI Expert Meeting, and the broader topic of BioTools for Business.

associate-areganApril Regan is studying International Relations and Communications at Saint Anselm College in Manchester, New Hampshire, USA. While studying abroad at Webster University in Geneva, she hopes to learn more about conserving biodiversity by working on the Green Development Initiative. With her degree, she wishes to pursue a career on the legislative side of sustainable development. Her other interests include playing tennis, hiking and travelling.

associate-ksaterKaty Sater was a Masters student at the Nicholas School of the Environment at Duke University with an undergraduate degree in Political Science specializing in International Relations. She is interested in the economic and policy applications of building linkages between biodiversity and business. Additionally she is interested in applying the principles of biodiversity business in sustainable use of natural resources, particularly marine and coastal resources. Based on her work at Earthmind in the summer of 2010, including applied research on the economics of marine biodiversity conservation, Katy completed her Masters’ thesis on bio-tools for business.

associate-esalzerEric Salzer, born and raised in Ohio, is a junior at Kent State University studying Marketing, with a minor in International Business. After graduation, he hopes to pursue a MBA and obtain a job in International Marketing. His responsibilities at Earthmind will include supporting Earthmind’s communications and marketing by updating the websites and social media presence. A specific focus of his workplace experience is raising awareness and interest in the Verified Conservation Areas (VCA) Approach. Eric is interested in combining business with responsibly managing and conserving the Earth’s natural resources. His other interests include traveling and sports.

Bonnie Stender joined Earthmind as a 4th year student at the University of Virginia, majoring in International Relations and French. Over the past several summers, she has developed an interest in environmental NGO work through jobs and internships in the D.C. area, and was very grateful for the opportunity to learn more about the international aspect of this work through her internship in the fall of 2011. Her work at Earthmind mainly involved preparing the GDI’s Reference Library and researching fundraising opportunities. After obtaining her undergraduate degree, Bonnie plans to apply to the Peace Corps in order to gain experience in community development, and then pursue a degree in Public Interest Law.

Daniel Taylor is in his fourth and final year at Cambridge University, where he studies Modern and Medieval Languages. He specialises in German, and consequently spent his third year abroad studying as an Erasmus exchange student at the University of Tübingen in South-West Germany. Here he took the opportunity to change the focus of his academic studies, pursuing courses in Economics and Business Administration. Having gained experience in areas as diverse as archaeology, finance and the UN, he also worked at Earthmind with a focus on accounting. His interests include music and outdoor pursuits, and he is a Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award holder.

associate-ethomasElizabeth Thomas is a native of Kent, Ohio and is currently in her third year at Ohio State University. She is perusing a degree in Business Administration with a specialization in marketing. She looks forward to gaining experience and knowledge on how businesses can develop more sustainable practices and how they can become more considerate of biodiversity. Currently as the newest intern, she looks forward to assisting Earthmind in a multitude of facets, specifically with applying her skills in marketing and business. Elizabeth enjoys reading, traveling, and cooking.

Evan Tyner is a student at St. Andrews University, Scotland. He is currently doing a Masters of Arts degree in International Relations with a focus on foreign policy, international terrorism and warfare. He has spent several years studying Sustainable Development and, although not a course he will pursue to Master’s level, he has maintained a keen interest in the subject. After already gaining experience at the United Nations last summer he now wants to expand on this and obtain experience in the domain of sustainable development and biodiversity. At Earthmind, he worked on e-communication, web development and PR, as well as assisting with the GDI project.

associate-lvorhiesLuke Vorhies has a BS Honours in Mathematics from the University of Oxford. With one American parent and one South African, he has spent most of his life living in France, except when at school and university in the UK. As a Junior Associate for Earthmind, he mostly works on administration, accounting and communications. In his free time, he enjoys cards, reading and a good film. His appreciation of the sustainable use of biodiversity comes from rowing on the Isis for Oriel College in Oxford.

Constanze Weik was Earthmind’s first intern and joined us for January and February 2009. She was born in Cologne, Germany, took her A-levels in 2007 and then went on to study English and business economics at the University of Mannheim. During her internship, Consi’s main tasks included research on private sector partnerships with IUCN’s NGO members, due diligence research on the social and environmental performance of GDF Suez, and research on building biodiversity business.

Jason Wilhelm was Earthmind’s second intern and joined us from January to May 2009. He was born in Cleveland, Ohio and graduated from Kent State University in May with his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management. With a passion for business and environmentalism, Jason hoped to take his career to Chicago and do his part to better the world we live in. During his internship, Jason’s main tasks included building a research library for the IUCN/Shell Building Biodiversity Business.

associate-syoungSam Young is a Master of Environmental Science and Management student at the University of California Santa Barbara specializing in Conservation Planning. He has previously worked on EIAs in the private and public sectors, primarily on endangered species impacts and conservation.  His experience includes field surveys for rare species of plants and meadow restoration for the US Forest Service, invasive invertebrate monitoring in northern Australia, remote sensing for wildlife and rare plant habitats, and preparation of EIA documents. Sam hopes to use his training and passion for wildlife to identify and promote innovative methods for conserving biodiversity on local, regional, and global scales.