photo-presentationsFor the January 2015 workshop in Cairo, a number of presentations were prepared. These are available to download on the Workshop page.

Additional presentations relevant to COED are available on this page. These presentations come from intergovernmental organisations such as the World Bank and UNEP and from professional economists.

The presentations for the workshop and on this page can be used for further training on COED or as reference materials.


This section provides a selection of presentations for the World Bank and economists on environmental economic valuation. Valuation is the core tool for COED analysis.

Principles of Environmental Economics

Environmental Economics: Determining Values and Analysing Options

Environmental Economics and Valuation

Valuation of Environmental Resources

Valuation of the Environment 

Valuation Lecture – Part 1

Valuation Lecture – Part 2

Economic Valuation of Ecosystem Services and Biodiversity Conservation: A Multidisciplinary Approach

Economic Evaluation Tools

An Overview of the Potential of Environmental Valuation to inform Protected Area Management

TEEB Training Modules

The selection of UNEP TEEB presentations are particularly relevant to COED valuation.

Module 1 Session 1: Biodiversity Loss and its Drivers

Module 1 Session 2: Biodiversity Loss

Module 3 Session 1: Conceptual Frameworks

Module 3 Session 2: The Challenges of Ecosystem Valuation

Module 4 Session 1: Analysing Value

Module 4 Session 2: Valuation Methods 1

Module 4 Session 3: Benefits Transfer and Uncertainty

Module 4 Session 4: Criticisms of Valuation

Module 4 Session 1: Integrating Ecosystem Services Values into Decision Making

Module 4 Session 2: Instruments of Improved Stewardship of Natural Capital

Module 4 Session 3: The Road Ahead


These presentations introduce the concept of COED and its application.

Cost of Environmental Damage (CED)

Cost Assessment of Environmental Degradation in the Middle East and North Africa Region – Overview

Cost Assessment of Environmental Degradation in the Middle East and North Africa Region – Selected Issues

Environmental Standards

This section includes presentations on the IFC Performance Standards and the associated Equator Principles.

 IFC MEDEF Presentation

IFC Performance Standard 6 and Biodiversity Offsets

IFC Performance Standards Consultation Presentation

Financing Metal Mining Projects – The Equator Principles

Environmental and Social Responsibility in Lending:  Citi’s Journey with the Equator Principles