photo-reportsThis page provides a selection of COED-relevant documents which can be used for further training and as reference materials.

It is divided into the following sections: Valuation, COED Analysis, Indicators & Data, and Environmental Standards.


Assessing the Economic Value of Ecosystem Conservation

Tools and Methodologies for Valuation of Biodiversity and Biodiversity Resources and Functions

Environmental Economics Toolkit: Analysing the Economic Costs of Land Degradation 

Economic Valuation of the  Egyptian Red Sea Coral Reef

Counting Coastal Ecosystems as an Economic Part of Development Infrastructure

PERSGA guidelines for Compensation following Damage to Coral Reefs by Ship or Boat Grounding

Environmental Policy Targets and Non-Market Valuation

COED Analysis

Estimating the Cost of Environmental Degradation – A World Bank Training Manual

On Monetary Valuation of Environmental Degradation in the Framework of the System of Environmental Economic Accounting

Costs of Environmental Degradation: An Analysis in the Middle East and North Africa Region

Cost Assessment of Environmental Degradation in the Middle East and North Africa Region – Selected Issues

Cost Assessment of Water Degradation

Economics of Salt-induced Land Degradation and Restoration

The Economics of Worldwide Coral Reef Degradation

COED – A Decade Later

Indicators & Data

World Bank 2014 Environment Indicators

World Bank 2014 World Development Indicators

World Bank 2014 Little Green Data Book

Meso-Economic Indicators of Environmental Costs and Benefits for the Industry in Mashreq and Maghreb Countries

Environmental Standards

IFC’s Sustainability Framework:  From Policy Update to Implementation

IFC Performance Standards on Environmental and Social Sustainability

IFC Guidance Notes for the Performance Standards