photo-workshopThe workshop took place from 18-21 January 2005 in Cairo, Egypt. It was hosted by EEAA and organised by PERSGA in collaboration with Earthmind.

Workshop agenda

Workshop report

Workshop photos

This page provides an outline of the workshop and links to the presentations given at the workshop. The workshop was designed and facilitated by Dr Mahmoud Khamis El-Sayed and Dr Francis Vorhies with the assistance of Luke Vorhies.

Session 1: Welcome & Introductions

Session 2: Egypt’s Natural Capital

World Bank Data on Egypt’s Environment & Natural Resources

Egypt’s Key Environmental Assets – A Group Discussion

Session 3: Principles of Economic Valuation

The Conceptual Framework of Economic Valuation

Economic Valuation of Coral Reefs in the Red Sea – A Case Study

Session 4: Group Exercise: Ecosystem-Based Benefits &Values

Working Groups on Environmental Values

Session 5: Methods of Environmental Valuation

An Overview of Various Methods of Environmental Valuation

Valuation and Compensation following Coral Reef Damage – A Case Study

Session 6: Group Exercise: Application of Valuation Methods

Working Groups on Valuation Methods

Session 7: Using Valuation to Influence Decision-Making

The Strengths and Weaknesses of Environmental Valuations

Session 8: Economic Activity & its Impact on the Environment

Marine and Coastal Degradation in Egypt – A Case Study

A Selection of Video Clips on Environmental Degradation

Session 9: Estimating the Costs of Environmental Degradation

Air Pollution in Jordan and Land Degradation in Morocco – Case Studies

Cost of Environmental Degradation of Alexandria – A Case Study

Water Degradation in Tunisia – A Case Study

Session 10: Environmental Degradation: Impacts & Responsibilities

Identifying Stakeholders in the Regional Cases Studies 

Session 11: Group Exercise: Estimating COED

Working Groups on COED Estimation

COED Estimation Worksheet

Session 12: Applying Environmental Performance Standards

International Financing Standards to Mitigate Environmental Degradation

Session 13: What is to be Done?

Working Groups on What is to be Done

 Session 14: Closing Remarks