15 Mar 2017 @ 15:00 – 17 Mar 2017 @ 14:00
Willows Country Lodge
South Africa



The contribution of wildlife ranching to conservation and development
– Assessing the contribution and the role of governance

Building upon two previous workshops held in the USA in 2015 and in South Africa in 2016, the purpose of this Wildlife Economy Workshop was to establish existing levels of knowledge and identify areas where further research is needed relating to two key questions:

What do we know about the contributions of the southern African wildlife ranching industry to conservation and development?

What do we know about the relationship between governance (e.g. institutional arrangements, legislation and policy frameworks) and the nature and extent of the industry’s contributions?

The objective is to work towards a more coherent wildlife industry that contributes to implementing the Sustainable Development Goals in the region. Workshop outputs will assist the wildlife industry, policy-makers and other stakeholders to better understand how the industry contributes to conservation and development and how this contribution can be enhanced.  

This workshop benefited from the participation of leading academics from southern Africa and the USA who will share their research on practical matters and methodological approaches relating to the interface of private and public interests in wildlife management.

Workshop agenda

Workshop report


Introduction to the workshop – Michael ‘t Sas-Rolfes

Insights from the history of conservation outside protected areas in southern Africa – Brian Child

Fake views and alternative stats: Recent conflicting economic assessments of trophy hunting – Francis Vorhies

Reviewing the literature on the contributions of wildlife ranching to the green economy – Michael ‘t Sas-Rolfes

From Market Hunting to Hunting Markets: A Property Rights Approach to Wildlife Conservation – Terry Anderson

The Public Trust Doctrine in South African Environmental Law ‒ Andrew Blackmore

The Comparative Economic Institutions Approach to Wildlife Management ‒ Dean Lueck

Papers & Reports

Relevant papers and reports are being added to our Wildlife Economy Library.