1 Nov 2016 all-day
Sofitel Hotel St James
Waterloo Pl
St. James's, London SW1Y


From the IUCN WCC to the CBD COP

On the occasion of the World Conservation Congress, we (FFI, UNEP-WCMC, the University of Oxford, and BP plc) are providing a platform to discuss opportunities for collaboration between businesses, governments, science providers, and NGOs. It aims to support the discussions conducted at the Congress and inform those held later in the year at the Convention of Biological Diversity Business and Biodiversity Forum in Mexico by increasing awareness of the challenges faced by different stakeholders and identifying opportunities for improved partnerships to make change.

The purpose of the workshop is to provide a synthesis of the outcomes of the IUCN World Conservation Congress. The workshop will explore (i) Why is biodiversity not getting the traction in businesses & governments it should? And (ii) How can the private and public sector work more closely together to make a step-wise change?

During the workshop participants will discuss and develop innovative ideas for improved private and public partnerships to facilitate transformational improvements in nature conservation. Our discussion will build on the recent World Conservation Congress session outcomes & motions (see IUCN’s Business @ Congress summary), and the pre-workshop survey where participants identified the most relevant motions to their business / organisation.

The workshop participants are those already engaged in private and public partnerships. They hold a wealth of knowledge about what does and doesn’t work in current biodiversity related partnerships, and are likely to have many ideas about what is required to change to make more effective understanding and improvements for the future.

This is a one-day workshop, which will involve: (i) panel reflections on the World Conservation Congress session outcomes & motions; (ii) discussion of the challenges faced by different sectors in managing biodiversity issues; and (iii) focussed group discussions about the types of activities required to achieve selected WCC motions and more generally effective stakeholder partnerships for delivering change and to halt biodiversity loss.

Workshop agenda