24 Nov 2016 – 25 Nov 2016 all-day
Foker Terminal
Binckhorstlaan 249
2516 BB Den Haag
Platform BEE

logo-pbeeNatural Capital – Let’s talk business!

Organised by the Platform Biodiversity, Ecosystems & Economy (Platform BEE)

The event is entirely devoted to practical issues, enabling you to gain inspiration and benefit from practical advice. Meet other front runners; people who, like you, introduce change at large and small organisations, in the Netherlands and elsewhere. Share your knowledge and learn from the experiences and business cases of others. And then put everything into practice. Immediately.

Earthmind is supporting a break-out session which will explore the role for Verified Conservation Areas.

VCA-Logo-VCA-150wTitle: Sustainable area management being rewarded

Presentation Format: Fishbowl

Speakers: Steven de Bie (De Gemeynt) & Daan Wensing (IDH)


Supplying food, fuel & fiber for nine billion people, without depleting the earth’s natural resources, is a critical challenge in the years ahead. Increasingly, farmers, extractive industries, energy companies, tourism facilities and expanding populations have competing claims on scarce land and water resources. Balancing the claims and interests of all stakeholders – companies, governments, civil society organizations and others – is key to sustainable land and water management. It is for this reason that there is quite some interest for sustainable area management today. It contributes to the restoration, conservation and sustainable use of natural capital.

This fishbowl will share practical approaches on sustainable landscape management. A specific focus is placed on the approach of the Verified Conservation Areas register (VCA). The VCA provides a standardized and auditable approach for – voluntarily – sustainable land use and enhancement of natural capital in accordance with the VCA standard. This standard focuses not only on nature, but also on other areas where economic use can go hand in hand with enhancing the natural environment. Each area can be included in the VCA Register, on the condition that the management is focused on restoration, conservation and sustainable use of natural capital. There will be an announcement of a CoP VCA that is currently being set up.

In addition, the floor will be given to the Initiative for Sustainable Landscapes (ISLA) of IDH. This landscape program works together with business, government and civil society to safeguard social values, and to contribute to economic development while minimizing environmental harm. The program addresses: deforestation, livelihoods, water management and toxic loading. After two short presentations on VCA and ISLA, there will be room for discussion on how the approaches are perceived, can be improved and be adopted by the market as a valid and common instrument.

Learning Objectives:

– Knowledge of sustainable area management approaches

– Understand how VCA and ISLA can be relevant for the attendees: it is often perceived that the focus of an area should be on nature to be recognized for sustainable management, though economic activities may well take place in areas under sustainable management approaches explained.

VCA website: http://ConserveAreas.org