27 May 2016 @ 08:15 – 09:45
UNEP Headquarters
European Commission and Netherlands

Ministerial Breakfast

Note: The Verified Conservation Areas (VCA) Approach will be considered at this event.


Sustainable consumption and production is at the heart of Agenda 2030; not only is SDG 12 dedicated to the subject, but the way we use natural resources largely determines the chances of successful implementation of other SDG’s as well.

UNEP-IRP (quick scan on SDG’s, 2015) has pointed at the cross cutting character of natural resource management and the need for more circular approaches to resource management. Among the key messages from the UNEP-IRP analysis are the need for social and technological innovations and the need for public-private partnerships to achieve decoupling of economic growth and ecological impacts.

The European Commission and The Netherlands, in this event, will present approaches to these challenges from Europe and Africa, from both an international as well as national perspective. Two examples of innovations and partnerships that will facilitate the transition towards sustainable consumption and production will be presented.

These examples will highlight different aspects and entry points for the SCP-transition, looking at the end of the product chain (waste management), and at the beginning of that product chain (enhancing transparency and accountability for land use and conservation of healthy and productive ecosystems).

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