A vision for a coherent African wildlife industry

Willows Hotel and Conference Centre, Pretoria East, Guateng, South Africa

This expert workshop was organised by Wildlife Ranching South Africa and Earthmind to explore the following issues:

  • A strategy and process for acquiring relevant standardised information and data on the African wildlife industry, that will enable on-going credible research on the socio-economic costs and benefits of alternative forms of land use related to wildlife in southern and eastern Africa
  • A strategy for effective and coordinated future analysis and dissemination of information to policy-makers and the public
  • A strategy to overcome areas of contention and friction within the industry, both within and outside of South Africa.
WRSA workshop

Tuesday 22 March 2016

Start 15h00

Introductory session

Welcome by Chair – background and meeting objectives

Round table introductions


Brian Child: Institutional economics of African wildlife

John Hanks: NGO perceptions of the wildlife industry

Francis Vorhies: The international institutional landscape

Kirsten Conrad: CITES, wildlife trade and Asian markets

Michael ‘t Sas-Rolfes: Additional comments

Discussion 18h00 Drinks, followed by dinner 

Wednesday 23 March 2016

Start 08h00

FIRST SESSION: Challenges and opportunities for an African wildlife industry

Introduction (Chair)

Round table introductions

Short, informal presentations:

The Kenyan experience (Mike-Norton Griffiths)

Zimbabwe (David Cumming)

Namibia (tbc)

Zambia (Don Stacey)

SA Government perspective (Thea Carroll)

EWT study on the wildlife ranching industry (Andrew Taylor)

WRSA perspective (Peter Oberem)

SECOND SESSION: Key issues and challenges

1. Intensification

2. Transformation

3. Ethics & standards

4. Others? Lunch

THIRD SESSION: Developing a research agenda

What do we know and what do we need to find out?

Discuss draft African Wildlife Industry Research Programme 

FINAL SESSION: Future strategy

Dissemination: how to get the message out

  • CITES CoP 17
  • Proposed wildlife economics conference, March 2017
  • Journal articles Other ideas:
  • Policy initiatives
  • Verified Conservation Areas
  • Other

18h00 Drinks, followed by dinner

Willows Hotel and Conference Centre
Nentabos Street
The Willows
Pretoria East, Guateng
South Africa