VCA-BEE-WEBConserving our planet, hectare by hectare

Everywhere, nature – life on Earth – is under threat. Indeed, scientists think that ‘Earth change’ is as serious as climate change. Ecosystems are being degraded, native habitats and open spaces are disappearing, and wild species are becoming more endangered.

Nature, however, can be conserved and used sustainably. Ecosystems can be restored, habitats and open spaces can be protected, wild species can be saved, and biological resources can be harvested sustainably. Every local community, private company, non-profit organisation, and public agency has the opportunity to take positive actions for nature. Hectare by hectare across our planet, we can care for our planet.

To encourage positive conservation action, the Green Development Initiative (GDI) is piloting a public registry, international standard and best-practice toolkit for recognising and supporting Verified Conservation Areas (VCAs).

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