aboutusThe GDI aims to establish an ‘an effective area-based conservation measure’ that contributes to the CBD’s Strategic Plan. Through recognising and supporting positive area-based conservation management, the GDI supports and actualises the CBD’s commitment “to conserve and sustainably use biological diversity for the benefit of present and future generations.”

The current 3rd Phase of the GDI is establishing a pilot platform for Verified Conservation Areas (VCAs) which includes on online Registry, Standard and Toolkit. Please visit v-c-a.org for more information.

The 2nd Phase of the GDI began in November 2010 and ended in December 2012. It focused on further development of an international instrument to encourage increased private sector funding for biodiversity.

The 1st Phase of the GDI began at CBD COP9 in May 2008 and went to CBD COP10 in October 2010. Its aim was to conceptualise possible modalities for increasing private sector finance for biodiversity on a global scale and to raise interest within the CBD community for such an approach. For more information, please visit earthmind.org/gdm.

For an overview of the development of the GDI, its relationship to CBD policy and an introduction to the business case for the GDI, please read The GDI Backstory.

GDI Office

The GDI is hosted by Earthmind, a Swiss-based not-for-profit association based at the IUCN Conservation Centre in Switzerland. The GDI Office ensures that the VCA Platform is developed and maintained. In particular, it administers all submissions for VCAs and Proposed VCAs. In 2014, it is developing a sustainable business plan for the GDI.

The pilot phase of the GDI is supported by the Governments of the Netherlands and Switzerland. Additional support for its office is provided by the IUCN Global Marine and Polar Programme and A Rocha International, an IUCN NGO member.

GDI Steering Committee

Late in 2012, an expert Steering Committee was set up to guide the implementation of the Phase 3 of the GDI. It includes donor representation, such as the Dutch and the Swiss governments, and experts from international organisations and private companies, such as WWF. The current members of the Steering Committee are:

Joshua Bishop (WWF, Australia)
Gabriela Blatter (Federal Office of the Environment, Switzerland)
Wieger Dijkstra (Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, Netherlands)
Arthur Eijs (Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, Netherlands)
Lucy Mortimer (Galapagos Designs, UK)
Bill Scotcher (Ecoacre, South Africa)

During Phase 2, the GDI was governed a board including Hans Alders (Netherlands), Maria Alice Alexandra (Brazil), Laksmi Dhewanthi (Indonesia), Jan Maarten Dros (Netherlands), Lucy Mortimer (UK), Antung Deddy Radiansyah (Indonesia), and Andrew Seidl (USA).

During Phase 1, the GDI’s steering committee included Nicolas Bertrand (UNEP), Joshua Bishop (IUCN), Arthur Eijs (Government of the Netherlands), Katia Karousakis (OECD), and Markus Lehmann (CBD Secretariat).

Support the GDI

We are most keen to explore how you could help us to scale up the GDI!

Please contact Francis Vorhies, the GDI Manager, at contact@earthmind.org.