Making conservation accountable

Welcome to the website of Phase One of the Green Development Initiative (GDI) which took place from from CBD COP9 in May 2008 through CBD COP10 in October 2010. Its aim was to conceptualise possible modalities for increasing private sector finance for biodiversity on a global scale and to raise interest within the CBD community for such an approach. Numerous consultations tooks place including two expert meetings in Amerstdam and Bali. This website contains information on these consultations as well as many scoping documents and reports culminating in the GDM 2010 Initiaitve Report which was released as an official information document for COP10.

Phase Two of the GDI began in November 2010 and ended in March 2012. It focused on further development of an international instrument to encourage increased private sector funding for biodiversity. This instrument is currently know as the GDI BioPositive Appoach. It includes establishing a BioPositive Standard & Registry for recognising biodiversity-responsible area management.  For more information on this phase, please visit

Phase Three: Implementing the GDI BioPositive Approach

Efforts are underway to capitalise a two-year implementation phase set to begin in January 2013. This phase will include establising the BioPoistive Standard & Registry, listing an initial portfolio of BioAreas, and faciliating those in need of external financing to secure funds from interested investors. For a quick overview, please read our one-page flyer.

Strategic philanthropic investment in the GDI is now required. For more information on how you could become a core investor in Phase Three of the GDI, please contact us at