This page provides a selection of key documents developed by the GDM 2010 Initiative and others. (More documents can be found on the events pages.)

Key GDM 2010 documents

The GDM 2010 Initiative Report
‘Inf doc’ prepared for CBD COP10 in October 2010 in Nagoya, Japan

updated in October 2010 for CBD COP10

Initiating work on the green development mechanism
‘Inf doc’ UNEP/CBD/WG-RI/3/INF/13 prepared for the CBD WGRI3 meeting (May 2010, Nairobi); provides a succint introduction to the gdm, a set of FAQs, and a summary of key consultations and documents.

Time for a Green Development Mechanism?
article featured on the Environmental Finance homepage and also published in March 2010 issue of the magazine

Making the Business Case for a GDM
article published in the March 2010 issue of the CBD Business &  Biodiversity Newsletter

Summary Report and Conclusions from the 2nd Expert Workshop on a green development mechanism
provides a succinct summary of the discussions which took place in Bali, Indonesia, in February 2010, including the articulation of a GDM as a standard setting and certification mechanism for certifying the supply of biodiversity-protected areas.

Towards a green development mechanism
prepared as a background document to stimulate discussion at the 2nd Expert Workshop on a Green Development Mechanism in Bali, Indonesia in February 2010; provides background information to guide individual sessions during the meeting, outlines the consultations to date and explores the range of options for generating financial resources towards a GDM.

Exploring the case for a gdm
prepared to stimulate discussion at the CBD/UNEP-TEEB International Workshop on Innovative Financial Mechanisms in Bonn, Germany in January 2010; explores the scope, nature and modalities for a green development mechanism to enhance international efforts to reverse biodiversity loss and protect ecosystem services.

Towards a business case for the gdm: A discussion paper
prepared to stimulate discussion and debate at the CBD-UNEP Business and Biodiversity Conference in Jakarta, Indonesia in November 2009; explores the development of a GDM from a private sector perspective.

Key earlier documents on a GDM

An international market-based instrument to finance biodiversity conservation: Report from an expert workshop
provides a comprehensive overview of the discussion of the 1st Expert Workshop, which took place in Amsterdam in February 2009; makes the business case for a green development mechanism and explores possible modalities for raising funds through such a mechanism.

Towards an International Market-Based Instrument to Finance Biodiversity Conservation: A Green Development Mechanism
background paper for the 1st Expert Workshop; explores the business case for a GDM.

Balancing biodiversity: A global instrument for meeting the 2010 biodiversity target
background paper for a side event at the CBD COP9 (May 2008 – Bonn, Germany) which kicked off the discussions on setting up a GDM under the CBD