VCA Guidance

Set up first in 2015 to provide guidance for area-based conservation management planning and reporting; include the VCA Standard and Toolkit

Green Development Initiative

Set up in 2011 for the second and third phases of the Green Development Initiative (GDI) which aimed to encourage resource mobilisation for positive conservation actions. The outcome of the GDI was the launch of the VCA Approach.

GDM 2010 Initiative

Set up in 2009, for the first phase of the GDI which aimed to conceptualise possible modalities for increasing private sector finance for biodiversity on a global scale and to raise interest within the CBD community for such an approach.

Managing Landscapes Sustainably

Set up in 2007 to support sustainable land management (SLM) assignments with the Global Mechanism of the UNCCD on market access and trade and with the World Bank on an SLM public expenditure review in Uganda.

The Kijani Project

Set up in 2005 to house the concept documents for an IFC/IUCN initiative to develop and invest in biodiversity businesses in Africa. This project was an early attempt to recognise and finance conservation efforts in productive landscapes.