Private Investments to Support Protected Areas: Experiences from Malawi

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In Malawi the private sector has invested in such areas as advocating legalization of protected areas, ecotourism, conducting ecological research and monitoring, environmental education, infrastructure development, law-enforcement and re-introduction and management of game. However, the degree of private sector involvement has been limited to a few stakeholders, those directly or indirectly affected by wildlife, those deriving benefits from wildlife such as tourism companies, and those with vested interests in wildlife conservation such as conservation organizations and “green companies”. Private investments have focused on specific individual protected areas according to the particular interest of the private investor. Even though the government has put in place institutional arrangements, incentives and mechanisms to attract private investments and ensure that investments benefit protected areas, these are still in their infancy. While there is high potential for private investments to support protected areas, most private investors are neither aware nor sure about how they can invest in protected areas.

Private Investments to Support Protected Areas: Experiences from Malawi - Daulos D.C. Mauambeta, Wildlife and Environmental Society of Malawi, Vth World Parks Congress: Sustainable Finance Stream September 2003, Durban, South Africa

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