Case Studies and References

Biodiversity and the Supply Chain: Efficiency and System Change European Partners for the Environment– PowerPoint Presentation Supply chain and biodiversity initiatives and recommendations.

Biodiversity_Law:  The_Legislative_Assembly_of_the_Republic_of_Costa_Rica
Text of biodiversity legislation.

Brainstorming Session on Business and Biodiversity
CBD, September 2009
Two-day informal brainstorming session held at CBD Secretariat in Montreal with a view to advancing the decisions VIII/17 and IX/26 of the CoP to the Convention on engagement with the private sector.

Bundling Biodiversity
Geoffrey Heal, 2002
Paper posits the idea that in some cases, public goods provided by biodiversity conservation can be bundled with private goods and their value to consumers captured in the price realized by the private goods, thus leading to an efficient level of provision.

Business and Biodiversity Session
Brussels, 2006
Biodiversity Financing Facility – PowerPoint presentation.

Considering Biodiversity Risks and Opportunities in Company Supply Chains Whatling, Brown, and Heges
Response to call for contributions to TEEB
Considers the growing impetus for change in the developing field of biodiversity and business.

DuPont: Funding Biodiversity
WBCSD 2008 – Case Study
DuPont’s Asturias Greenfield program – description and results.

Earthwatch Case Studies – HSBC, Shell, American Tobacco
Biodiversity case studies for these three companies.

Eurosif: Biodiversity
Eurosif and Oekom Research, 2009
Report describes the major environmental, social, and governance challenges currently facing industries cross-linked with biodiversity and ecosystems.

Foundation for Biodiversity Research
Set up in 2008, this is a French foundation for scientific cooperation to meet biodiversity challenges.

Gaz de France: Partnering for Conservation
WBCSD Case Study – 2008
Gaz de France’s subsidiary, GRTgaz, takes biodiversity into account in all of its activities.  Specifically, the company is implementing biodiversity corridors above its underground pipes transporting natural gas, helping to connect and maintain biodiversity areas in Ile-de-France.

Identification and Development of Opportunities for Biodiversity Services for Rating Agencies
Nyenrode Business Universiteit 2009
Project aims to identify the opportunities and barriers to including information on biodiversity impacts on business in the services of rating agencies.

Kajima Corporation’s Promotion of Biodiversity Efforts for a Sustainable Society
The building sector and biodiversity.

LAFARGE: Onsite Wildlife and Biodiversity
WBCSD Case Study 2008
LAFARGE’s active and voluntary participation in the North American Wildlife Habitat Council’s various habitat programs has helped its sites effectively reach out to stakeholders and the adjacent communities where it operates, enhance its reputation in local communities, open up communications with local media, and enhance and conserve the biodiversity at manufacturing sites.

LAFARGE: Our Biodiversity Strategy
LAFARGE PowerPoint 2006
Presents the biodiversity strategy of the company.

National Review on Biodiversity and Companies: Hungary
October 2008
Study shows how national regulation and business actors consider biodiversity in Hungary and what measures exist to mitigate the business impact on biodiversity.

Ontario Power Generation’s Biodiversity Strategy
WBCSD 2002
Ontario Power Generation Inc. has developed a biodiversity strategy in response to the fact that the generation of electricity can have direct adverse effects on species and their habitats.

Overview of Business and Biodiversity in Japan
Excel table of different Japan businesses with biodiversity projects; references to TEEB2, chapter D3.

SARAYA’s Biodiversity Actions
SARAYA’s conservation of the rainforest in Sabah, Malaysia on the island of Borneo (palm oil supply chain).

Shell and Smithsonian Institution: Working Together for Biodiversity
WBCSD 2002
Shell is working in partnership with the Smithsonian Institution to ensure that its operations in Peru are carried out with minimal impact on the surrounding environment.

Shiga Business and Biodiversity Initiative for Lake Biwa
The Shiga Committee for Economic Development launched this project in April 2009.  It is designed to promote conservation of local biodiversity and creation of sustainable businesses.

SUEZ and Biodiversity: Naturally!
SUEZ 2006
SUEZ business and biodiversity management.

The Time for Biodiversity Business
Publication promotes the successes of conservation organizations that have successfully started biodiversity businesses as part of their conservation strategies.  Biodiversity businesses are commercial enterprises that generate profits via activities which conserve biodiversity, use biological resources sustainably, and share the benefits arising from this use equitably.

Using Carbon Investment to Grow the Biodiversity Bank
Current approaches to carbon offsetting that rely largely on investment in monoculture plantations will rapidly lose appeal as the public becomes aware of their dubious carbon benefits and the related environmental harm they may bring; a more robust scheme is posited.

Valuation of Biodiversity – A NERC Scoping Study
NERC 2009
Study provides a synthesis and analysis of the state of valuation science and research in order to assess the strengths and limitations of the different approaches to valuation and decision making, and to highlight those areas for future NERC investment.

Valuing Biodiversity: The Economic Case for Biodiversity Conservation in the Maldives
Marine ecosystems, coral reefs, economic incentives.