Case Studies and References

Beyond REDD: The Role of Forests in Climate Change
The Forest Dialogue 2008
Recommended actions and issue-specific briefing notes on The Forest Dialogue’s consensus-based Statement on Forests and Climate Change.

Linkage of Tradable Permit Systems in International Climate Policy Architecture
Harvard Kennedy School 2008
Paper examines the benefits and concerns associated with various types of linkages and analyzes the near-term and long-term role that linkage may play in a future international climate policy architecture.

Preparing for Climate Change in the Red Sea
Recognizing early impacts through perceptions of dive tourists and dive operators in Egypt. IUCN report.

TEEB Climate Issues Update
TEEB 2009
Update presents a sub-set of early conclusions which relate to climate change.

The Economics of Climate Change: A Post-Stern Perspective
Geoffrey Heal, 2007
Examines the current climate post-the Stern Review of the Economics of Climate Change.

The Tradable-Permits Approach to Protecting the Commons: Lessons for Climate Change
Tietenberg 2003
Review draws together what we have learned about tradable permits in practice that might offer some useful insights for the implementation of the three tradable-permit mechanisms that are part of the Kyoto Protocol.

Vulnerability of National Economies to the Impacts of Climate Change on Fisheries
Impacts of climate change on fisheries and in turn on countries’ economies.