Case Studies and References

Accounting for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services from a Management Accounting Perspective: Integrating Biodiversity into Business Strategies at a Wastewater Treatment Plant in Berlin
Oree conducted a case study on the accounting for biodiversity and ecosystem services at a wastewater treatment plant in Berlin. (Plant owned by Berliner Wasser Betriebe, which is owned largely by RWE-Veolia Water.)

All that Glitters: A Review of Payments for Watershed Services in Developing Countries
IIED 2008
Report reviews the current status of payments for watershed services in developing countries.

Examples of Ecosystem Service-Related Business Risks and Opportunities
The Corporate Ecosystem Services Review
WBCSD, Meridian Institute, World Resources Institute
Profiles examples of business risks and opportunities arising from a company’s dependence and/or impact on ecosystem services.

Science for Managing Ecosystem Services: Beyond the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment
PNAS 2009
Article argues that new research is needed that considers the full ensemble of processes and feedbacks for a range of biophysical and social systems, in order to provide a better understanding of how to manage the dynamics of the relationship between humans and the ecosystems on which they rely.

The Corporate Ecosystem Services Review: Guidelines for Identifying Business Risks and Opportunities Arising from Ecosystem Change
Publication describes the steps for performing an Ecosystem Services Review; provides a framework, case examples, and helpful suggestions; and highlights a number of resources managers can use when conducting such Reviews.

The Natural Value Initiative: Linking Shareholder and Natural Value
Managing biodiversity and ecosystem services risk in companies with an agricultural supply chain – executive summary 2009.

The Natural Value Initiative: The Ecosystem Services Benchmark
A tool for investors to assess the management of biodiversity and ecosystem services risks and opportunities in companies with an agricultural supply chain.