Case Studies and References

Commercial Community Forestry in Cambodia: Development of a Pilot Project in the Seima Biodiversity Conservation Area
The report describes Commercial Community Forestry (CCF), a new arrangement for commercial forest exploitation proposed for testing in the Seima Biodiversity Conservation Area.

Commercialisation of Non-timber Forest Products – A Reality Check
Belcher and Schreckenberg 2006
Article reviews and challenges the pervasive view that commercialization of non-timber forest products can easily achieve ecosystem and species conservation and improve livelihoods.

Commercialisation of Non-Timber Forest Products: Review and Analysis of Research
Neumann and Hirsch 2000
Review concentrates on the literature about non-wood plant products, although wildlife and charcoal are not entirely excluded.  Also covers research related to the current interest in NTFP commercialization.

Commercialization of Non-Timber Forest Products: Factors Influencing Success
Lessons learned from Mexico and Bolivia and policy implications for decision-makers.

Commercialization of Non-Timber Forest Products: Methodological Procedures
Methodological procedures for the report.

Counting on the Environment: Forest Incomes and the Rural Poor
World Bank Environment Department, Environmental Economics Series, 2004
Report investigates the extent to which people in rural areas of developing countries depend on income from forest environmental resources, and how this dependence is conditioned by different factors.  Also reviews research methodology and makes recommendations for “best practices” in assessment of forest environmental income.

Forest Products Annual Market Analysis
United Nations Economic Commission for Europe and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations – 2002 – 2004
Provides general, statistical, and forecast information on forest products markets and related policies in the UN ECE region.

Global Forest Resources Assessment 2005: Progress Towards Sustainable Forest Management
FAO, 2006
Comprehensive global resource assessment – examines current status and recent trends, and the extent, condition, uses, and values of forests and other wooded land.

India: Unlocking Opportunities for Forest-Dependent People
World Bank Agriculture and Rural Development Sector Unit, South Asia Region, 2006
Report describes how Joint Forest Management is evolving and identifies reforms that could enrich both forest conservation and forest livelihoods.

Mondi: The Power of Partnerships and Symbiotic Forestry
WBCSD Case Study, 2008
In South Africa, Mondi bid for plantations on the western shores of Lake St. Lucia and defined a new eco-boundary that recognizes the importance and functionality of the extensive wetland systems of the lake.

Promoting Biodiversity as Part of Everyday Forest Management – The UPM Approach
UPM PowerPoint presentation 2006
UPM’s biodiversity policy.

State of the World’s Forests 2007
FAO, 2007
Considers progress towards sustainable forest management at the regional and global levels.

Sustaining Economic Growth, Rural Livelihoods, and Environmental Benefits: Strategic Options for Forest Assistance in Indonesia
The World Bank, 2006
Report addresses how donors and development agencies can assist the government, civil society, the private sector and the poor to take steps toward more sustainable and equitable forest governance and management.

The Global Impacts of SmartWood Certification
Describes impacts of forest certification – final report by Rainforest Alliance.

The Impacts and Opportunities of Oil Palm in Southeast Asia
Center for international forestry research (CIFOR) review extensively examines knowledge of palm oil benefits and costs.

Who Conserves the World’s Forests? Community-Driven Strategies to Protect Forests & Respect Rights
Forest Trends and Ecoagriculture Partners, 2004
First-ever attempt to produce a global estimate of the scope of community conservation.