Case Studies and References

Case Studies of Markets and Innovative Financial Mechanisms for Water Services from Forests
Forest Trends and The Katoomba Group, 2001
Describes nine cases from around the world selected to represent various types of financial mechanisms in various settings.

Conserving Biodiversity through Markets: A Better Approach
Simpson 2004
Paper clarifies the reasons why conserving the environment through markets like ecotourism and resource collection has not worked well and posits that straightforward purchase of biodiversity conservation (through its own market) is a more cost-effective approach.

Forest Products Annual Market Review
UNECE and FAO, 2005/2006
Provides general and statistical information on forest products markets and related policies in the UN Economic Commission for Europe region.

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Examines the potential role, benefits from and obstacles for biodiversity service markets.

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CSIRO PowerPoint Presentation
Presentation explores markets for ecosystem services in Australia and provides various case studies.

Markets for the Environment
Richard Woodward, “Choices” Magazine, 2005
Why markets are being used to address environmental problems, background on the history of markets, and speculation on their future.

Missing Environmental Markets and the Design of “Market Based Instruments”
Peter Bardsley/U. of Melbourne, 2003, research paper
Surveys some of the broad issues that arise in the debate over using market based instruments in environmental policy in Australia.

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Forest Trends, The Katoomba Group, and PROFOR 2008
Provides a narrative summary of information collected in the Ecosystem Marketplace’s Payments for Ecosystem Services Matrix.

Payments for Ecosystem Services – Markets Matrix
Forest Trends, The Katoomba Group, and PROFOR 2008
Matrix of PES markets.

The Use of Market Incentives to Preserve Biodiversity
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Researches how market based instruments are currently used for biodiversity conservation and assesses the success or failure of these instruments and their potential for further use.

Trading Cases: Is Trading Credits in Created Markets a Better Way to Reduce Pollution and Protect Natural Resources?
American Chemical Society 2003
Article reviews how tradable permits (created markets) are faring in five divergent areas.