Case Studies and References

Asiana Airlines: Environmentally Friendly Management and Sustainability
WBCSD – Case Study
Description of the sustainability objectives and initiatives of Asiana Airlines.

Assessing the Economic Value of Ecosystem Conservation
The World Bank Environment Department 2004
Paper seeks to clarify how ecosystem valuation should be conducted to answer specific policy questions.

Building Sustainable Supply Chains in Brazil – ArcelorMittal
World Business Council for Sustainable Development – Case Study
Description of the sustainability objectives and initiatives of ArcelorMittal (a global steel company).

Business and Ecosystems
Issue Brief – Ecosystem Challenges and Business Implications
Explores six challenges for business with regard to ecosystems and discusses their implications, while providing examples of corporate responses.

CAIXA Economica Federal
Brazilian public bank – finances biodiversity activities rather than incorporating biodiversity into its banking.

Celulose Irani: Biomass to Electricity
Achieving sustainable development through Brazil’s first pulp and paper CDM project.

Commission on the Measurement of Economic Performance and Social Progress
Draft Summary 2009
Provisional summary of the commission’s work.

Contracting for Environmental Property Rights: The Case of Vittel
European Association of Agricultural Economists, 2005
Based on an authentic case of contracting for environmental property rights, this paper shows several implications of applying Coase’s propositions regarding the need to examine the social alternatives to deal with an environmental externality.

Currencies and the Commodification of Environmental Law
Salzman and Ruhl 2000
Article explains complications of environmental trading programs.

Design, Trading, and Innovation
Driesen 2005
Examines the claim that trading of compliance obligations (such as emissions trading) fosters technological innovation.

Earthwatch Roadmap to 2012: Business Challenges and Opportunities
Summary report from seminar.

Earthwatch Roadmap to 2012: Working Group Outcomes
Business challenges and opportunities.

Eco-promising: Communicating the Environmental Credentials of Your Products and Services
Business for Social Responsibility
Briefing intended to help managers in consumer-facing companies to communicate the environmental credentials of products honestly and convincingly.

European Industry in a Changing World: Updated Sectoral Overview 2009
European Commission Staff Working Document, 2009
Aims to provide stakeholders and policy makers in the European Institutions or in national administrations with responsibility for, or interest in, the development of industrial and economic policy with a succinct analysis of the current situation, and the factors affecting competitiveness, in all industrial sectors.

Innovest Strategic Value Advisors: Interview with CEO
Socially responsible investing by Innovest – interview with Matthew Kiernan.

Investing in a Sustainable World – praise for book by Matthew Kiernan
Book covers sustainable finance and responsible investing.

IPIECA Position on Biofuels
Working with ISO to create a global standard for sustainably producing biofuels.

ISEAL Alliance Strategic Plan
Strategic plan for 2009-2013: Scaling up social and environmental standards systems.

Journal of Applied Ecology: The Ecological Research Needs of Business
Journal of Applied Ecology article.

Natura: Placing Sustainable Development at the Center of Business Thinking
WBCSD Case Study, 2005
Through its business practices, the quality of its products and the relationships it establishes, Brazil-based Natura seeks to contribute to development and make its brand recognized worldwide and identified with a community of people who are committed to creating a better world.

OHL Development: Mayakoba Ecotourism Complex
WBCSD Case Study, 2008
OHL Development is creating an ecotourism complex on the Mayan Riviera of the Mexican Caribbean, the financial viability of which depends on the quality, structure and functioning of the ecosystems existing on the property.

Oxfam Poverty Footprint: Understanding Business Contribution to Development
Methodology combines local assessments of livelihood impacts, value-chain analysis, and assessment of economic contributions. People-centric approach, seeks to understand corporate impacts.

Panama Canal: Watershed Sustainable Development Program
WBCSD Case Study 2005
The Panama Canal Authority is responsible for the Panama Canal, as well as for the administration, maintenance, use, and conservation of the water resources of the Canal Watershed to guarantee the availability of water for the Canal and the country’s two largest cities, Panama and Colon, as well as surrounding urban and rural areas.

Partnering for Sustainability—Eskom
Eskom, a South African electricity utility, is increasingly moving towards developing long-term partnerships and sustainable environmental programs with non-governmental organizations and community groups.

Preparing a National Strategy on Access to Genetic Resources and Benefit-Sharing
A pilot study by Kerry ten Kate and Adrian Wells, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
Manual presents some ideas on how to develop a national strategy on access to genetic resources and benefit-sharing.

Review: Recreational Hunting, Conservation and Rural Livelihoods
African Indaba 2009
Review of the book “Recreational Hunting, Conservation and Rural Livelihoods.”

RICOH Group Sustainability Report
RICOH group biodiversity guidelines to reduce impact of RICOH business activity.

Services Help Desk for Sustainable Businesses Program in the Brazilian Amazon: An Analysis of Benefited Enterprises
Describes a “Services Help Desk” that was established to provide support for small, rural Amazonian enterprises to promote social welfare while mitigating harm to natural resources.

Status of Species Conservation Banking in the United States
Fox and Nino-Murcia, Conservation Biology, 2005
The report details the biological, financial, and political experience of conservation banking in the United States.

Sveaskog’s Environmental Policy
Short PowerPoint explaining the company’s environmental policies and partnerships.

The Promise and Limits of Voluntary Management-Based Regulatory Reform: An Analysis of EPA’s Strategic Goals Program
Paper analyzes EPA’s Strategic Goals Program.

The Santa Maria Ecological Restoration Initiative
WBCSD 2008
CEMEX’s work to implement the Santa Maria Ecological Restoration Initiative in order to improve its reputation and its relationships with stakeholders.

Union for Ethical Biotrade
Supports and provides information for TEEB; sourcing with respect.

WMC and the Arid Recovery Project
The Arid Recovery Project is a joint initiative of WMC Resources Ltd, the University of Adelaide, the South Australian Department of Environment and Heritage, and a community-based Friends Group.