wildtrade with sloganSustainable trade in wild goods & services


Over recent decades, the human population has grown significantly and continues to do so, simultaneously becoming increasingly prosperous. Though beneficial to humanity in the short term, we do not know if our prosperity is sustainable for the other species with which we share our world. As population and prosperity continue to rise, what will happen to the wilds of our planet, to wilderness and to wildlife?

At the UN General Assembly in September 2015, our governments adopted a new 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The core elements of this new agenda are seventeen Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Among other things, the SDGs speak to a need to better understand and manage wild trade – i.e., the trade in goods and services from wilderness areas and wild species.

Earthmind’s new Wild Trade Programme aims to enhance our understanding of the nexus between wild trade and sustainability. It explores wild trade policy and practice by researching and disseminating the economic, social, legal, cultural and biological conditions needed to ensure the sustainability of wild trade.

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