Lizard Lane

Country: Netherlands (Coordinates: 52.145121, 5.29986 )
Size: Hectares
Ecoregion: Terrestrial - Temperate Coniferous Forest
Status: Proposed

Lizards’ Lane is a narrow, 15 ha strip of land to be developed and managed as an ecological heathland corridor to enhance the viability of local populations of amphibians and reptiles. It is situated in the municipality of Soest, the Netherlands. The corridor consists of mixed broadleaved-coniferous forest and heathland, with 6 different landowners.

Currently, the land is managed by the owners, each of them having different management objectives. The remnant heathlands bordering the strip harbour some rare plant and animal species, some of which are Red List-ed. However the viability of these populations is at stake due to individual management regimes, fragmentation and insufficient financial means.

Landowners are committed to conservation and agreed that with the construction and focused management of an ecological heathland corridor, a migration passage for reptiles and amphibians, they could contribute to the conservation of biodiversity and enhance the viability of such populations. Additionally, such a corridor would provide them with social and economic benefits.

Soon Vitens and its co-developers will execute the following work in order to register Lizards’ Lane as a VCA.

1. Preparing a more detailed management plan on the basis of the design and management plan that is currently being developed.
2. Stakeholder consultation: process and outcomes
3. Timeline for these activities

Parties see added value in registering the area as a VCA as in that way their efforts for biodiversity conservation will become transparent, credible and perhaps attract outside funding that will enable enlarging the corridor.