Domein Oogenlust

Country: Netherlands (Coordinates: 51.368439, 5.328417 )
Size: 8 Hectares
Ecoregion: Terrestrial - Temperate broadleaf and mixed forests
Status: VCA Gold

Oogenlust BV is a florist that views nature as its most important source of inspiration. To this end we have developed Domein Oogenlust. It  is an area in which we give nature the chance to shape itself.

We manage the nature in a way that stimulates indigenous flora and allows birds, butterfly’s and many other species to use Domein Oogenlust as their home. We have developed shrub, planted hedges and created meadows rich of herbs. We manage the flora by grazing, mowing and the removal of invasive species. We monitor some of the species to see how the biodiversity develops.

Domein Oogenlust is open to the public from sunrise to sunset. Besides nature we find art very important, Domein Oogenlust exposes our growing collection of land art.

Our target for the future is to keep seeing an increase in the number of species that we count at Domein Oogenlust, in particular butterfly species. The Netherlands knows 52 different species of butterfly of whom 16 are extinct in the Netherlands and about 24 species are common.

At the moment we have only seen 14 different, very common species on our domain. This means that is it should be very possible to at least house all common species of butterfly at Domein Oogenlust and hopefully we will be able to attract some of the more vulnerable species as well.

To improve biodiversity and in particular for butterflies we have a conservation plan. This plan leans on 3 pillars, which are: grazing and mowing management, controlling unwanted species and stimulating wanted species.