Overview of the VCA Programme

VCA Vision

Nature can be conserved. Ecosystems can be restored, natural habitats can be maintained, wild species can be protected, and living natural resources can be harvested sustainably.
All of us – individuals, communities, companies, and others – can conserve nature where we live and work. Hectare by hectare, we can conserve our planet. 

VCA Partners

Over the years, Earthmind has worked with many organisations to conceptualise, design, pilot, and scale up the VCA approach. This has included several expert workshops and numerous consultations in Asia, Africa, Europe, and Latin America. The launch of a VCA Partners initiative at the 2nd UN Environment Assembly in May 2016. We are most keen to work with any organisation - public, private or non-profit - to scale up recognition of voluntary conservation commitments.

VCA Board

The VCA Advisory Board become operation in May 2014. Its responsibilities include strategic direction and oversight of the VCA Programme. Importantly, the Board is responsible for approving VCA Auditors.

VCA Auditors

VCA Auditors undertake independent peer-review audits of VCA conservation management plans and annual VCA conservation performance reports. These audits are required to register an areas as an Audited VCA. Land owners and managers are encouraged to either choose an approved auditor or to recommend a local expert to become an approved auditor.

VCA Office

The VCA Programme is managed by a small core team from the Earthmind office at the IUCN Conservation Centre, 28 Rue Mauverney, 1196 Gland, Switzerland. There is also a growing network of volunteer supporters helping to scale up registration and disseminate information about VCAs.