For more information on the standard for a wetland carbon project and on preparing and submitting a Project Idea Note (PIN) which was used by the Wetland Carbon Partnership, please download:

Guidance for wetland carbon projects

New CDM methodology for mangroves

On 03 June 2011, the CDM Executive Board approved the new A/R methodology, taking into consideration the inputs by the experts (desk reviewers), the public, and the A/R WG.

Reference: AR-AM0014
Title: “Afforestation and reforestation of degraded tidal forest habitats”
Submitted: by TÜV SÜD on 26 Jan 2011 on behalf of Danone, IUCN and Ramsar

Approved afforestation and reforestation baseline and monitoring methodology

IUCN press release – 06 June 2011

Supporting documents for preparation of a PIN

Climate, community & biodiversity standards (2nd edition)
Guidelines for completing the CDM A/R forms
VCS Program Guide – v3.0

Ramsar principles and guidelines for wetland restoration
The management of natural coastal carbon sinks
Mitigating climate change through restoration and management of coastal wetlands and near-shore marine ecosystems

Manual for social impact assessment of land-based carbon projects
Part I – Core guidance for project proponents
Part II – Toolbox of methods and support materials