Why is a Wildlife Economy Programme needed?

In the summer of 2015, Earthmind conducted face-to-face interviews in the Geneva area with professionals from key organisations including CITES, FAO, Global Footprint Network, Graduate Institute, ICTSD, IISD, ITC, IUCN, Ramsar, UNEP, and WWF.  These interviews indicated that a wildlife economy programme addressing the sustainability of wildlife trade is needed for several reasons:

  • We to need to synthesize our understanding of the trade in wild goods and services in marine and terrestrial environments and with respect to the sustainability of consumptive and non-consumptive uses.

  • With ever greater demands for wild goods and services, we need to connect the dots between the SDGs, the WTO, CBD, UNFCCC, UNCCD, CITES, Ramsar and the myriad of multilateral agreements related to the trade in wild products to ensure international policy coherence.

  • To address the SDG goals on the sustainable use of marine and terrestrial ecosystems, we need to move the public discourse beyond just stopping illegal wild trade to also recognizing and supporting sustainable, legal wild trade and the wildlife economy.

  • An international Programme that consolidates wildlife trade knowledge and explore solutions in policy and practice will be beneficial to policymakers, practitioners, communities, companies and other stakeholders.

The interviews also made clear that such a programme will need be adaptive and to continually collect feedback and information from users, stakeholders and partners so as to improve its approach and sharpen its focus.

Our Wildlife Economy Team

The Wild Trade Programme is being developed by voluntary inputs of a number of Earthmind Associates including Alexandria Gabb, Anja Nikolova, Kirsten Conrad, Jesse Hastings, Louise Kjær-Hansen, Michael ‘t Sas-Rolfes, Sam Young, Sebastian Winkler, Ulemu Malindi, and Valerie Morgan.

We are seeking on-going voluntary support and funding to further develop the Wild Trade Programme. Please contact the Programme Director, Francis Vorhies, to explore opportunities: contact@earthmind.org