2012-2015 Achievements


Audit of Guinea Alumina Corporation bauxite mining and transport project compliance with IFC PS6, member of the LESC team

Audit of the Vale Nacala Corridor coal transport project compliance with IFC PS6, member of the LESC team

Conservation Management Plan for Coutada 5, Mozambique

IUCN Independent Review Panel Chair for the Yemen LNG biodiversity strategy and action plan

PERSGA workshop in Cairo on costs of environmental degradation

Report for UNDP Russia on Biodiversity Management & Oil Production

MBA course on business and biodiversity for the Swiss Sustainability Management School


Audit of the South Stream offshore pipeline from Russian to Bulgaria compliance with IFC PS6, member of the LESC team

Biodiversity Advisor in the Dupont Sustainable Solution team for Petronas, Malaysia

Training manual and workshop in Doula on extractive industries for environmental funds in Africa

World Parks Congress sessions on verified conservation and conservation finance


Study for the European Commission on private sector financing for biodiversity in developing countries

IUCN risk assessment of engagement with Syngenta

Workshop and consultations regarding the potential biodiversity impacts of Anadarko’s LNG project in Mozambique

Lectures at the University of Klagenfurt on conservation finance


IUCN working paper on the green economy

Organising role and report on the EU conference on business and biodiversity

Edited UNEP report on the green economy and trade opportunities

Report for UN ISDR on the economics of public sector investment in disaster risk reduction