Unfortunately, due to funding constraints, the VCA Project is currently on hold.

Recognising conservation in the areas where we live and work

The VCA Platform enables the conservation commitments of individuals, communities, and companies to be visible.

We are building an inclusive community committed to voluntary area-based conservation beyond legally protected areas.

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Please note that the VCA Platform is in a pilot phase. This site should be viewed as a demonstration of what we plan to develop to recognise and encourage voluntary commitments of area-based conservation by people everywhere.

"We recognise that social and economic development depends on the sustainable management of our planet's natural resources.

We are therefore determined to conserve and sustainably use oceans and seas, freshwater resources, as well as forest, mountains and drylands and to protect biodiversity, ecosystems and wildlife."

(The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development)

Recognising voluntary area-based conservation commitments


Let's conserve the areas where we live and work.

Together we can conserve our planet, hectare by hectare.

Join and support the VCA community of meaningful conservation. 


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Also please note that the 'V' in VCA previously stood for Verified. We remain fully committed to transparency and public accountability, and we continue to provide a means for independent verification. However, we now see that the defining characteristic of a VCA is the Voluntary nature of an area-based conservation commitment. People everywhere are conserving nature because it makes sense for them to do so. We aim to recognise, encourage, and celebrate such commitments.