VCA Auditors

VCA Auditors are authorised to undertake audits of VCA plans and reports.

VCA managers in need of an audit may choose from the roster below. Or they may ask a local conservation expert to apply to be a VCA Auditor.

A prospective auditor needs to submit a letter of application and a CV. These documents need to include contact information, current employment details, academic qualifications, and a summary of relevant professional experience and expertise. The letter must be signed and dated. It also needs to include the following sentence: “I hereby request to be approved by the VCA Advisory Board as a VCA Auditor and to undertake audits responsibly and with integrity in support of recognising and encouraging area-based conservation.”

If you have questions or would like to submit an application, please email

Alasdair Edwards

United Kingdom

Emeritus Professor of Coral Reef Ecology, Newcastle University

Ameer Abdulla


IUCN Senior Advisor for Marine Conservation Science

Benjamin Jarvis


Specialist in forest-related issues and natural forest management

Brian Reilly

South Africa

Professor of Nature Conservation, Tshwane University of Technolog

Derek Pomeroy


Retired Professor, Makerere University

Jan Fehse

United Kingdom

Value for Nature Consulting & Earthmind Senior Associate

Joel Houdet

South Africa

Director and senior consultant, Integrated Sustainability Services

Jonathan Spencer

United Kingdom

Head of Planning & Environment, Forest Enterprise

Josep Germain i Otzet


Environmental consultant and member of the Consell de Protecció de la Natura in Catalonia

Lida Pet-Soede


Leader Marine Unit, PT Hatfield Indonesia

Mariano Gimenez-Dixon


Wildlife and conservation biology consultant

Olof Linden


Retired Professor, Wold Maritime University

Sandy Nurvianto


Lecturer and Researcher, Faculty of Forestry, Universitas Gadjah Mada

Shingo Shibata


Professor, Sophia University

Steven de Bie

The Netherlands

De Gemeynt member-partner

Ton van der Zon

The Netherlands

Ecologist & IUCN CEM and WCPA member

Urban Emanuelsson


Professor, Swedish Centre for Biodiversity

Vladivoj Vancura


Director Wilderness Development, European Wilderness Society

Zoltan Kun


Wildness advocate, VTK Innosystem Ltd