Ecovillage Boekel

Country: Netherlands (Coordinates: 51.595595, 5.681535 )
Size: 2 Hectares
Ecoregion: Terrestrial - Temperate broadleaf and mixed forests
Status: Audited

When I became a father, I wanted to give my son the same chances I had when I was a child. I knew humankind had to face the problems it had created and change its way of living, producing and consuming. We need to, to survive as a species. Because glaciers all over the world are melting, biodiversity is rapidly decreasing, and we are using much more than the Earth can provide us with. That’s the start of Ecovillage Boekel. Our goal is simple: We want to prove humans can live sustainably in balance with its surroundings.

Building area - Until recently the land we designated for the houses was used for agriculture. Its soil can be considered dead: no earthworms or other species that characterize a healthy soil, probably due to lack of ground cover and usage of pesticides for decades. Biodiversity zero!

Food area - The land we plan to use as our Food area was ‘nature’ when we arrived; also poor soil conditions, but no usage of pesticides. The plants that were sown were cultivated to attract bees. Both areas were dry; ground water level was -1.75 metre at its highest.

In 2018 we plan to start with building the first circle of 10 houses. We plan to build 3 circles over the next five years. In the middle of each circle we want to have a biodiversity garden with insect hotel, with herb spirals and a variety of flowers. Also there will be nesting possibilities for different kinds of species we focus on protecting. The houses will be covered with green roofs and will probably even have vertical gardens against part of the walls.

We are going to try and raise biodiversity at every level of the ecosystem, but concentrate on caring for some, rather vulnerable species groups: bats, bees, bumblebees, butterflies, other insects and birds.

We are going to make a list of actions and ways to monitor each specie together with our stakeholders. They will be added to the VCA Management plan as attachments when ready. They can also be found on our website with the number of individuals each year, so everyone can see the progress and actions we take to improve our results. We want the monitoring to be an inspiring and educational part of our actions, by using webcams and sensors when possible.

If you have warm feelings towards our project and you want to do something to help us to acheive everything we have planned, it is possible to support us through donations or investments.