KPHL Model Kapuas

Country: Indonesia (Coordinates: -1.811645, 114.334143 )
Size: 105,372 Hectares
Ecoregion: Terrestrial - Tropical and subtropical moist broadleaf forests
Status: Proposed

The proposed VCA is the Kesatuan Pemangkuan Hutan Lindung (Protected Forest Management Unit — KPHL) Model Kapuas. This area located in Block E and Block A of the Ex-Mega Rice Project (EMRP) area. About 75.000 ha of this peat land is found in the north of the site (part of Block E of the EMRP) and contains mostly intact but logged-over forest that is a prime habitat for almost 3,000 Orangutan.

Currently the north part of KPHL Model Kapuas is a fundamentally healthy ecosystem and the forest has a tendency to expand into surrounding grassland given the opportunity. However, that opportunity seldom arises because of various external pressures, especially considering the condition of the south part of this area that is fully degraded. The forest area under KPHL Model Kapuas is under threat of (1) encroachment by local community around the forest edge, (2) forest and wild fire during the drought season that cause the loss of orangutan habitat and (3) illegal logging inside the forest, particularly of high-value trees which have not yet been completely logged out.

The focus of the management of KPHL Model Kapuas is to ensure the sustainability of conservation and local livelihood programs in this area. Registration as a VCA is now very important to enhance the future ability of KPHL Model Kapuas to continue the conservation work and sustain the livelihood of forest dependent people around and inside this area.

Currently there is no sustainable funding for the area of KPHL Model Kapuas. The district government provide operational budget for KPHL Model Kapuas. However, this budget is way too small and could not cover all activities in this area.

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