Sinyala Village Forest Area

Country: Malawi (Coordinates: -14.170744, 33.622009 )
Size: 27 Hectares
Ecoregion: Terrestrial - Tropical and subtropical dry broadleaf forests
Status: Confirmed

Sinyala Village Forest Area (VFA) is located in central Malawi in Lilongwe district. The VFA land is covered with indigenous trees and is under the protection of community people from Sinyala village led by the Traditional Authority (T/A) Masumbankhunda by the act of Government on Community Forestry in Malawi Forest Act 1997. The VFA was established by Chief Sinyala who visionally realised that with time the area will be depleted of wildlife.

Sinyala VFA covers approximately 27 hectares of land. The whole area is covered with indigenous trees, herbs and shrubs that are mostly native to Malawi. Current wildlife species existing are Malawian velvet monkeys, Birds, mice, snakes, frogs, lizards, monitor lizards, bees and other insects. Other non-timber forest products from the forest include fruits, thatching grass and mushroom which provide food and construction materials to the surrounding communities.

The current condition of the forest is not in shipshape due to increased human activities within the forest area especially through illegal cutting down of trees and hunting which has completely depleted the presence of wild animals such as guinea fowls, antelopes, bush pig which are no longer present. However, the new management plan and community outreach training are aimed at addressing the current situation and restore wildlife.

There will be enhancement of the forest management plan and the projects probably through the help of VCA in different areas where necessary support will be needed to ensure that people are satisfied with the work and the Sinyala VFA will be registered based on the community delight as it is communal land.