Country: Belgium (Coordinates: 50.384344, 5.069669 )
Size: 65 Hectares
Ecoregion: Terrestrial - Temperate broadleaf and mixed forests
Status: Proposed

The area is located in Southern Belgium in the Condroz Region characterized by smooth hills (altitude 150 m in the valleys, 350 m maximum on the top of the hills) covered with cultivated lands on the plateaux, meadows and mostly broad-leaved woods (roughly 1/3 each) on the slopes. The underground is composed of sandstone on the summits and of limestone in the valleys.

The property of Wagnée is a typical piece of land of the Condroz Region: it covers 60 ha of cultivated land, meadows and woods on a gentle slope facing north. It lies on the top of a river basin. Several springs (at least four on the area) give rise to two small rivers that form the Samson River further downstream, a tributary of the Meuse River. The underground is mostly composed of  sandstone. The soil is of good quality for agriculture and forest. It is mainly silty with a small proportion of clay with scattered patches of sand. The most humid soils are covered with meadows or woods.

The environmental impacts of listing the area as a VCA should be positive. Listing the property as a VCA will reinforce the efforts made by its manager to protect the existing biodiversity and progressively improve it. It will not cause any radical change in the current management but it should provide a conducive framework for making progress and monitoring the situation.  Positive results are mainly expected in terms of habitats and species but water quality of the river could also be improved by one of the planned management measure.

The management plan will not be much different from what is written in the VCA Proposal. The plan will be finalised and audited in 2017 with the view of listing the area as a registered VCA.