2021 Achievements

Building the wildlife economy across Africa – Support to establishing the African Wildlife Economy Institute (AWEI) at Stellenbosch University

Fair Carbon – Providing technical and managerial inputs into building a new platform to facilitate fair carbon markets, particularly for marine and coastal areas

Training conservation leaders in Africa -Designed and directed new undergraduate and graduate learning journeys for the African Leadership University (ALU)

Diversifying Kenya’s wildlife economy  – In collaboration with ALU and UNEP, supported the the Kenyan Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife on revising the country’s wildlife policies to more closely align conservation with development

Blue economy opportunities for coastal communities – Developed a training programme for The Nature Conservancy on sustainable coastal livelihoods

New research on a sustainable wild meat sector -Working with AWEI and WildCRU at the University of Oxford to identify and address barriers to supplying wild meat sustainably

Recognising voluntary area-based conservation – Contributing to the initiatives of the CBD Secretariat and UNEP WCMC to recognise voluntary commitments to area-based conservation